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Beverage Innovation 2015

Beverage Innovation 2015

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Diet soda is in a funk, while ‘real sugar’ is back in vogue. Energy is hot, but caffeine is still controversial. Maple water is bang-on-trend, but will it really become the next coconut water? And will Pepsi True & Coca-Cola Life revitalize the cola market, or are today’s more demanding and sophisticated consumers looking for more than refreshment and ‘no-artificial’ claims from their beverage calories these days?

From almond milk to coffee-fruit smoothies, HPP juices, ‘craft’ cola, chia drinks, protein shakes and kombucha, the beverage market is a hotbed of innovation. But what distinguishes the winners from the losers, how easy is it to build distribution, and how difficult is it to finance and grow a beverage business before you get big enough to interest VCs or strategic investors?

In our unique free-to-attend online Beverage Innovation Summit​, FoodNavigator-USA and BeverageDaily have brought together market researchers, innovation experts, social media gurus and the founders of some of the most successful beverage brands in the business from Mamma Chia to KeVita to talk about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s next, and what keeps them awake at night.

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