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Dairy Innovation Forum

Dairy Innovation Forum

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What’s hot in dairy? Grass-fed everything? Yogurt for men? Tummy-friendly milk? A whole milk resurgence? What’s next after Greek yogurt, and is the high-protein trend a fad? To find out, FoodNavigator-USA has gathered togetherCEOs from some of the most innovative dairy companies in the US​, spanning everything from cottage cheese to Icelandic yogurt.
In our debate, moderated by FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson, we’ll discuss:

1 - How difficult is it to launch a new dairy brand?
How much money do you need, what strategies work, and what key lessons have you learned from your experiences in the market? 

2 - What are the hottest new trends in dairy?
Grass-fed everything? Yogurt for men? Savory yogurt? Quark? What’s next after Greek yogurt? What consumer trends are the most successful firms tapping into, and which food and beverage companies in the dairy sector do you most admire and why? 

3 - What’s natural? And does it matter?
How easy is it to use natural colors and high intensity sweeteners in dairy products? Will more firms come under pressure to source organic ingredients and milk from cows fed on Non-GMO diets, and how important is this to the average consumer?  What ingredients and flavors are consumers looking for?

4 - What keeps you awake at night?
Cash-flow? Legislation? Supply chain challenges, HR issues?

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