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Going non-GMO Forum 2015

Going non-GMO Forum

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With uncertainty over GMO labeling creating anxiety throughout the food supply chain, more and more manufacturers are exploring how to avoid GMOs - whether they have a problem with them or not. In this FoodNavigator-USA online forum, we gather together experts to help our readers/listeners understand market trends in organic and non-GMO, stay up to date with what is happening from a regulatory perspective, and navigate the minefield of the non-GMO verification process.

In our debate, moderated by FoodNavigator-USA Senior Correspondent Elizabeth Crawford, we’ll discuss:

1 - What is the market potential for non-GMO foods and beverages?

Global sales of non-GMOo food and beverage products are projected to reach $800 billion by 2017, according to research from Packaged Facts. But several barriers could inhibit growth, including confusion about what GMOs are and mixed support for labeling requirements. Even if products are labeled – will consumers buy them? Of those who will, what are their driving interests? How can firms best maximize the opportunities presented by going non-GMO and how do those compared to organic and natural claims? How can they address the challenges?

2. What is the current legislative landscape for labeling GMO foods?

Legislation to require labeling of GMO foods has been introduced several times in the past years at the state and national levels. At the same time, legislation prohibiting states from requiring labeling has been introduced at the national level. What is the status of these efforts and the potential opportunities and challenges they raise? What are the pros and cons of mandatory labeling verses voluntary labeling for non-GMO foods? How does potential legislation impact product sales and marketing opportunities?

3. What is the process for becoming non-GMO certified?

The Non-GMO Project Verified logo is popping up more frequently on products. Find out how many products bear the seal, what it stands for and how it can influence the marketing potential of a product.

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