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Dr Pepper bottling plant catches fire in Texas


Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) says a fire at a Texas bottling plant for carbonates such as Dr Pepper and 7UP is under investigation and insists production will restart shortly.

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Molson Coors admits Coors Light struggles in Canada


Molson Coors CEO Peter Swinburn admits that premium light beer Coors Light struggled in Canada during Q2 2013 and says it has 'some work to do' to boost the brand's volume sales.

Hershey, Mars and Nestlé USA allowed to analyze transaction data from two customers

Chocolate giants granted subpoena in US price fixing suit

By Oliver Nieburg

Hershey, Mars and Nestlé USA have been allowed to scrutinize transaction data from two of their customers that could determine which type of customers have a valid claim for damages in an ongoing US lawsuit alleging that the companies conspired to fix...

Turnaround strategy putting Campbell on solid growth track, CEO says

Turnaround strategy putting Campbell on solid growth track, CEO says

By Hank Schultz

A strategy of rationalizing production, refocusing brands, key acquisitions and expanding into higher growth segments and markets is succeeding in reinvigorating Campbell Soup Company’s growth potential, CEO Denise M. Morrison told a meeting of analysts...

The most important thing for Twinkies is to get back on the shelf before innovation and line extensions, says marketing expert

Twinkies must innovate slowly, warns marketing expert

By Kacey Culliney

The Twinkies return has been terrific but the owners need to take things slowly and ensure a solid comeback before launching any line extensions like gluten-free variants, a marketing expert warns.

The BCTGM wants its workers to be employed by the new Hostess Brands owners

Baker’s union wants involvement in Hostess re-launch

By Kacey Culliney

The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) says its members should be a part of the newly launched Hostess Brands business given their expertise.

A gluten-free Twinkie variant or bite sized options would be a clever move, says analyst

Gluten-free Twinkies: A money-making move?

By Kacey Culliney

A gluten-free Twinkie would plug a market gap and hold huge appeal among US gluten-free consumers looking for indulgence and taste, says an analyst.

Return of the Twinkie: Naughty but nice?

Return of the Twinkie: Naughty but nice?

By Elaine WATSON

Consumers, the marketers tell us, want healthier, more wholesome snacks with clean-labels and all-natural ingredients. So on paper, at least, the long-term prospects for Twinkies - returning to a store near you in a matter of days - might seem bleak.

Kevin Klock: 'In the first couple of years, we didn’t spend anything on ads, it sold itself. And we didn’t want to pump it harder as we couldn’t produce it fast enough.'

Big interview: Kevin Klock, CEO Talking Rain (Sparkling ICE)

Talking Rain CEO: We can turn Sparkling ICE into a $1bn brand by 2018

By Elaine WATSON

Want to know what success looks like? Check out Sparkling ICE. In early 2010 it was generating $10m a year. This year, it’s on course to generate $350-400m and CEO Kevin Klock tells FoodNavigator-USA it could be a $1bn brand by 2018.

Evian's new 500ml US bottle; launches in different size formats are planned in coming months

Danone launches new US bottle design for Evian


Danone Waters North America has redesigned its Evian Natural Spring Water bottle for the first time in 14 years, as it attempts to create a ‘new connection’ with US consumers within premium water.

The iconic Molson brewery in Montreal (Picture Credit: Molson Coors)


Molson Coors draws first blood in Canada court spat with SAB Miller


SAB Miller is disappointed by yesterday’s interim court injunction that stops it terminating its Canadian License Agreement with Molson Coors, and one City analyst warns that the spat could be a symptom of broader tensions between the two brewing giants,...

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