Mudd+Wyeth's YaffBars take the nutrition bar category in new direction

Mudd+Wyeth take the nutrition bar category off-leash with YaffBars

By Elizabeth Crawford

To make it in the crowded energy and nutrition bar category, a company needs a great tasting product, top-notch packaging, persistence, fortitude and differentiation, says Mark Brooks, founder of Mudd+Wyeth, a lifestyle company for dogs and their owners. 

Strategies to feed 9 billion people in 2050

Cornell Food Systems Global Summit

Strategies to feed 9 billion people in 2050

By Elizabeth Crawford

Encouraging farmers to use water more efficiently and improving the taste and aroma of produce are among the strategies that researchers are exploring to feed the growing population.

Campaigners have suggested that a 20p per litre tax on sugary drinks will improve health and save money - but are such ideas realistic?

UK campaigners suggest London soda tax

By Nathan Gray

A suggested 20 pence per litre tax on sugary drinks in London would benefit health and save up to £39 million in healthcare, say campaigners. 

Dr Kurt Jetta:

Supermarket loyalty cards are not delivering, says promotions expert

By Elaine Watson

Whether supermarket loyalty cards actually drive loyalty, or provide retailers with killer consumer insights that give them a genuine competitive edge, has long been a source of debate. But the evidence is clear,  according to one expert in promotions:...

3D printing of pumpkin gnocchi using the Foodini. Source: Natural Machines

Cornell Institute For Food Systems

3D food printers could come to consumer kitchens in near future

By Elizabeth Crawford

The once futuristic and fictional replicators on Star Trek that synthesized meals on demand may not be as unrealistic as once thought as 3D food printing technology continues to advance at warp speed.

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