More dire sales figures for carbonated soft drinks

Carbonated soft drinks sales in free fall, says Nielsen data

By Elaine WATSON

Dollar sales of diet soda plunged 9.5% in the four weeks to April 12, while sales of regular soda fared hardly any better (- 2.4%), as Americans sought out other options from energy drinks (+8.9%) to sparkling water (+24.5%), according to the latest Nielsen...

Caliwater founders Melissa Reed and Matt McKee. McKee:

Special edition: Healthy beverage trends

Caliwater cactus drink founder: ‘We’re where Zico was 10 years ago’

By Maggie Hennessy

Longtime friends and film and television industry colleagues Matt McKee and Melissa Reed’s plans for a locally sourced juice bar in downtown Los Angeles morphed into a beverage company whose flagship product is ready-to-drink prickly pear cactus water...

Justice Kennedy: 'Don't make me feel bad because I thought that this was pomegranate juice'

POM v Coke at the Supreme Court: Who came out on top?

By Elaine WATSON

POM Wonderful and Coca-Cola both got a grilling at the Supreme Court on Monday as they traded blows in a false advertising case, but while the justices seemed to give Coke a tougher time, this doesn’t necessarily mean POM is going to emerge victorious,...

Frava CMO Alex Portin: 'When you haven’t got any money you have to be pretty creative'

Special edition: Healthy beverage trends

Fruit + Java = Frava: NY-based start-up bets on naturally caffeinated juice

By Elaine WATSON

Being a minnow in a pool of sharks is both scary and exhilarating, admit the entrepreneurs behind caffeinated fruit juice Frava. But “in the worst case scenario, it’ll make the subject of a good business school essay” (presumably about biting off more...

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