It’s all Greek to me! How fair was the ruling against Chobani?


It’s all Greek to me… How fair was the High Court ruling against Chobani?


New York-based Chobani was handed an injunction last month prohibiting its use of the term ‘Greek yogurt’ in the UK following a court battle with rival, Fage, which claims that the term refers to geographical origin. But can Athens-based Fage stand by...

Dole, once synonymous with canned pineapple, is now exclusively a fresh foods company.

Dole completes sale of processed food business

By Hank Schultz

Dole Food Company has completed the sale of it global packaged foods and Asia fresh businesses to ITOCHU Corporation of Japan for $1.7 billion in cash.  The transaction will include rights to the Dole name in certain packaged food products worldwide and...

Senator Richard Blumenthal (left) yesterday took to Twitter to denounce Monster's 'intimidation' of Dr Deborah Kennedy (right)

nutritionist enlists senatorial support as monster threatens legal action

Dr Deb reacts to Monster Energy legal threat: 'Let's air your dirty laundry in public'


Senator Richard Blumenthal has denounced Monster on Twitter for threatening kids’ nutritionist ‘Dr Deb’ with legal action, following ‘false and defamatory’ statements on energy drinks made in a newsletter aimed at children aged 6-10 and their parents.

Will the Zombie Food Bar succeed where others have failed?

60 second interview: Dr Michael Wald, Director of Nutritional Services, Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, NY

‘Tastes better than brains…’ But will the Zombie Food Bar succeed where others have failed?

By Elaine WATSON

TV’s ‘blood detective’ and zombie fan Dr Michael B. Wald has combined his interest in nutrition and er, zombies, to develop the Zombie Food Bar. But does it have what it takes to stand out in an increasingly crowded market? Elaine Watson caught up with...

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