The very idea of a primary store appears to be giving way to a growing reliance on multiple stores, as 9% of shoppers claim no primary store. On average, they report using 2.5 stores at least fairly often, FMI found.

Grocery shopping in 2014: diversified and fragmented, says FMI

By Maggie Hennessy

Not only are today's consumers less likely to rely on a primary store for food shopping, but they're sharing shopping duties and planning for specific meals rather than stocking up on food, according to the Food Marketing Institute (FMI)’s annual...

EU, US request for food security data sparks trade row with India


EU, US request for food security data sparks trade row with India

By RJ Whitehead

The US and EU have called on the World Trade Organisation to make the provision of full information on India’s food subsidy programme a precondition before they can begin negotiations on how to tackle the issue of legitimising food procurement subsidies.

The panelists from left to right: Aurelio Pavinato, CEO of SLC Agricola; Cat Cora, chef and TV personality; Michael “Bo” Stone, 6th generation farmer; Glen Hiemstra, founder of; Julie Guthman, professor, University of California at Santa Cruz; and moderator Max Armstrong, agricultural broadcast journalist.

Insights from the BASF 2014 Media Summit

Connecting the dots from ag to food

By Maggie Hennessy

Is the farm-to-table movement all it’s cracked up to be? Is a healthy dialogue about GMOs even possible? Can we fix growing income disparities in the developed world? A group representing many points on the agribusiness value chain weighed in.

ADM announces major Apac business restructure


ADM announces major Apac business restructure

By RJ Whitehead

American agriculture major Archer Daniels Midland will embark on a plan to restructure its Asia-Pacific operations to take into account changes in the region as incomes grow and diets evolve.

While microwave popcorn is in decline, sales of ready-to-eat popcorn have been growing strongly in recent years, says Diamond Foods

Diamond Foods bets big on ready-to-eat popcorn as category tops $600m

By Elaine Watson

The US ready-to-eat popcorn category has been “growing in the double-digits for the past 3-4 years” and is now worth “north of $600m in annual [retail] sales”, according to Diamond Foods CEO Brain Driscoll, who says new launches under the Kettle and Pop...

High-protein meat snacking: The US is ready for meat bars, says Datamonitor Consumer


Meat bars: The next beef jerky?

By Kacey Culliney

Meat snack bars take beef jerky to a new level, appealing to busy and health-conscious Americans, says a Datamonitor researcher.

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