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Is voice ordering the future of online grocery?

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Major retailers including Walmart and Amazon are extending into voice-assisted shopping through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart home speakers, but is consumer interest in the area of voice ordering matching up with industry investment?

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'The number one consumer driver is natural or clean label, followed by glycemic index and keto friendly...'

Sweeteners in focus: Where next for allulose, stevia, isomaltulose?

By Elaine Watson

Are sugar alcohols losing their luster, will allulose take off, and is stevia still hot? FoodNavigator-USA caught up with Icon Foods, Cargill and Beneo to explore formulation trends as brands come under increasing pressure to reduce sugar and keep labels...

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'We're not trying to keep anyone out of the market'

What is an ‘authentic’ kombucha? KBI gears up to publish definition

By Elaine Watson

As a wave of lawsuits has brought the debate over what kombucha is and how it is made into sharper focus, trade association Kombucha Brewers International (KBI) is putting the finishing touches on a standard it claims will help preserve the integrity...

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GUEST ARTICLE: Here I go again on my own… why food startups need a team

By James Richardson, PhD, founder, Premium Growth Solutions

I continue to meet a remarkable number of founders who are trying to go it alone. They aren’t shut-ins either. I believe this is a strategic mistake that undercuts the ability of any young food business to stay disciplined and focused.

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