Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick wants help from meat processors to ramp up production


Lab-grown meat firm in talks to license tech

By Oscar Rousseau

Hampton Creek has confirmed the Silicon Valley start-up is in talks to license its lab-grown meat technology to some of the world’s biggest meat companies.

Picture: istockphoto-aireowrt

Hampton Creek explores the potential of mung bean protein isolate

By Elaine WATSON

Mung bean protein has potential applications in everything from egg substitutes to pasta and ice cream, says Hampton Creek, which has just received a 'no questions' letter from the FDA responding to its determination that its proprietary mung...

Aketta crispy whole crickets

Aspire Food Group unveils world’s first automated cricket farm

By Elaine WATSON

When it comes to edible insects, there is still something of a disconnect between the rhetoric (insects can help us feed the world) and the reality, in the US., at least (they’re still niche and expensive). But that’s about to change, predicts the company...

The Chaat Co lands more than money with Jain Farm Fresh investment

The Chaat Co lands more than money with Jain Farm Fresh investment

By Elizabeth Crawford

For US-based Indian street snack maker The Chaat Co, $1 million in seed funding including investment from India’s Jain Farm Fresh Foods is about more than just the money -- it is also about securing a supply line for authentic ingredients to make its...

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