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Plant-based groups outline wish list for upcoming Farm Bill

By Stephen Daniells

From leveling the playing field between plant-based and meat and dairy, to increasing investment in plant-based food R&D research and development of plant-based foods and clean meat, leading plant-based advocacy groups are outlining their wish lists...

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FDA commissioner: 'We will have more to say on the 'natural' issue soon'

GUEST ARTICLE: When will the FDA define ‘natural’? Sooner than you might think...

By Charles Sipos, partner; and Lauren Staniar, associate, Perkins Coie

While defining ‘natural’ for the purposes of food labeling has not appeared to be high on the FDA’s priority list since it announced its 2015 probe, things could be about to change, predict Perkins Coie attorneys Charles Sipos and Lauren Staniar.

Scott Gottlieb:

FDA issues guidance on added sugar, dietary fiber, serving sizes

By Elaine Watson

The FDA has unveiled guidance on added sugars, serving sizes and dietary fibers to help manufacturers implement the new Nutrition Facts label, and says it’s working on a plan to incentivize manufacturers to make healthier products and “provide consumers...

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