Artizone business model was viable, but money ran out, says founder

Artizone business model was viable, but the money ran out, says founder

By Elaine Watson

“We have delivered food from the best shops, farms and artisans. It was a wonderful journey, and while we learned a lot from it, it has come to its end,” says a message on the homepage of online delivery service Artizone, which closed its doors on February...

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60-second interview, Dr Liz Sloan and Dr Catherine Adams Hutt, Sloan Trends

What does health and wellness mean to US consumers?

By Elaine Watson

What do US consumers think health and wellness means, and how is the food industry responding? Is low-carb still a thing, does the paleo diet have legs, and is non-GMO being used as a proxy for ‘healthy’?

Picture: Chobani

Chobani Simply 100 ad campaign sparks legal spat with Dannon

By Elaine Watson

Chobani’s provocative new ad campaign for Simply 100 – which directly attacks the ingredient choices of two rival brands – has landed it in legal hot water, with Dannon’s lawyers demanding an immediate halt to the campaign and Chobani responding with...