Do scientists need to get down from their ivory towers and try to make food science more 'approachable and easy to digest'?

'Nowadays, a food crisis starts when the Food Babe is on line two'

'Pseudoscience-busting' blogger behind SciBabe talks food science for meme lovers

By Maggie Hennessy

In an era of shorter consumer attention spans and heightened suspicion about food science, the packaged food and beverage industry can take a page from the world of pop culture and bring food science down to earth with humor and proactive transparency.

Matthew Sade: 'I’m very familiar with early stage food & beverage companies and let’s just say that we’re on a growth trajectory that is very uncommon.'

Kite Hill CEO: We want to change the entire dairy landscape

By Elaine Watson

If current trends continue, almondmilk will account for an astonishing 19% (dollar share) of the US retail dairy and dairy alternative beverages market in 2019, predicts Packaged Facts. However, plant-based products still only account for a tiny fraction...

Just Mayo is made from canola oil, yellow pea protein and other ingredients... but no egg

Letter shows FDA is serious about enforcing standards of identity, says lawyer

FDA warning letter to Hampton Creek could trigger new wave of lawsuits, predict attorneys

By Elaine Watson

While Unilever dropped a false advertising lawsuit over egg-free spread Just Mayo last year amid an avalanche of bad PR, the FDA has picked up where Unilever left off with a warning letter advising brand owner Hampton Creek it is playing fast and loose...

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