Millennials and food shopping: Are you up to speed?

Millennials and food shopping: Are you up to speed?

By Elaine Watson

Compared to previous generations Millennials are far more likely to make spur-of-the-moment food decisions and have less well-stocked pantries, say market researchers. But many food retailers are not geared up to meet their changing needs.

Dr Aaron Dossey: We’re trying to move people away from the term ‘cricket flour’

Just scaling up alone without fundamental changes to farming practices could decrease costs by 25-50%

All Things Bugs: We’re having conversations with a lot of mainstream food manufacturers

By Elaine Watson

While cost is a barrier – and regulatory issues need ironing out – mainstream food manufacturers “have been way more open to this [using edible insects in their products] than you would probably think”, says the founder of the world’s largest insect-based...

3D printing will definitely move into home kitchen, pioneer

60-second interview: Kyle von Hasseln, creative director food products 3DSYSTEMS

3D printing will 'definitely move into home kitchen', predicts The Sugar Lab co-founder

By Elaine Watson

Food was already 3D last time we checked, so once you get over the excitement of being able to ‘print’ a multi-dimensional product in layers, are you left with an expensive gimmick, or something that is going to change the culinary world forever? 

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