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Ascentra™Sodium-Reducing Savory Flavor Enhancer

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Great taste and reduced sodium have been difficult to simultaneously achieve, and DairiConcepts has the solution. Ascentra™ is a high-functioning, powdered ingredient that can lower sodium content by 25 – 50% in a broad range of food systems as it boosts salt perception, savory nuances and mouthwatering umami effects.

Made with natural ingredients from a proprietary, milk-based process, Ascentra does not contain MSG, HVP or yeast extract, so that consumer foods made with the ingredient can be produced with a clean label and “reduced sodium” and/or “gluten-free” declarations. Although rich in potassium, Ascentra does not contain potassium chloride, eliminating metallic flavor notes.

Ascentra helps optimize ingredient formulations for a variety of processed food and menu items. Levels as low as 0.5 percent have been used to reduce salt and/or remove MSG from sauces, soups, dips, crackers and salty snacks, while boosting meat, cheese and vegetable flavors. Pale brown in color, Ascentra is available on maltodextrin or nonfat dry milk carriers, and in kosher and EU-certifiable versions.

Suggested applications and usage rates include:

  • Soups: 0.5% on a wet basis
  • Sauces & dips: 1 – 3% on a wet basis
  • Meal kits: 3.0% of dry mix component
  • Salty snacks: 4.0% of topical seasoning
  • Snack crackers: 4.0% of dough weight
  • Processed cheese: 0.5% total formula weight

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About DairiConcepts

DairiConcepts is a leading U.S. provider of dairy-based ingredients for the global food industry, producing cheese and dairy powders and concentrates, seasonings, flavor enhancers and hard Italian cheeses. Founded in 2000 as a partnership of Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. and Fonterra Co-operative Group, Limited, the company today has nine manufacturing plants in the U.S., two development laboratories, and a pilot testing plant. All nine facilities are SQF 2000 Level 3-certified, the highest attainable food safety assurance level within the globally-recognized SQF code. DairiConcepts also does business in Latin America, Mexico, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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