Avoid the Uncertainty of Gum Arabic for Panned Confections

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Avoid the Uncertainty of Gum Arabic for Panned Confections

In this video, we introduce the TicaPAN® Coating Systems, one of TIC Gums’ newest innovative developments for the confection industry. This system is a low-cost, non-gum arabic based technology that exhibits the same or even superior functionality as traditionally used gum arabic. TicaPAN is used for binding and strengthening the sugar and sugar-alcohol shells in panned confections and for enrobing nuts, malt balls, chocolate candies, and other oil-containing centers.

Because of its superior performance, gum arabic (also known as gum acacia) was the primary hydrocolloid used in panned candies and chewing gum. While it is one of the world’s most universally used gums, it is also one of the most difficult gums to source. These challenges prompted the development of the TicaPAN Coating System.

Throughout this video, Maureen Akins, applications manager and Dan Grazaitis, food scientist from the TIC Gums’ R&D team explain the various products in the TicaPAN line, the reasoning behind the development, how this solution works, and the various features and benefits. Matt Patrick, vice president of research and development also describes how crunch relates to texture and the “Texture Revolution”.

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