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Fenchem officially launches pectin and highly concentrated omega-3

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Fenchem officially launches pectin and highly concentrated omega-3

The pectin is available in HM and LM of both apple and citrus origins. And omega-3 with highly concentrated levels of DHA (up to 50%) and EPA (up to 40%) in customized ratios of oil. Welcome to our booth 7354 at the coming IFT for detail information.

About Fenchem

Fenchem is a science-based company specialized in developing and manufacturing nutrition and food ingredients. Focusing on natural products development, Fenchem established a professional identity control management system for the whole supply chain.

Tel: +86 25 842 18888 (Fenchem China)

+1 909 627 52689 (Fenchem USA)

+420 597 609 100 (Fenchem Europe)

E-mail:​ , Web:

Product list

OmaCar™ – Omega-3 Fatty Acids
In-fibr™ Organic Inulin
Pro-fi™ Probiotics
HyaMa™ - Sodium Hyaluronate
CellMotiv™ – Coenzyme Q10
EssenRos™ – Rosemary extract
SAMe-wa™ SAM-e
G-Te™ Green tea PE
Nutra-Re™ - Lycopene
Grapuri™ - Grape seed extract
Tocove™- IP non-GMO Tocopherols
ChoLeve™- IP non-GMO Phytosterol
Livefla™ – Flax Lignan
LuMari™ - Lutein
Ginkton™ – Ginkgo biloba extract

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