“High Satiety” Solutions for Your Consumers

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“High Satiety” Solutions for Your Consumers
Consumers increasingly struggle with feeling full while managing their middles. How can they make smart choices at breakfast that can affect their appetite and blood sugar control throughout the day and help maintain their weight? The digestion properties of foods can significantly affect a person’s hunger and what they choose to eat at their following meal. To learn about “the second meal effect,” take advantage of our free 40-minute webinar where you’ll better understand this science through research findings, product trend data and the essential role of California Almonds. Our featured speakers will give you knowledge and ideas that can be used right away in your breakfast and snack product development ideation. Featured speakers are Dr. Richard Mattes, MPH, PhD, RD, Professor, Purdue University and Lu Ann Williams, INNOVA Market Insights


Dr. Richard Mattes, MPH, PhD, RD - Professor - Purdue University Dr. Richard Mattes Professor
Purdue University

Lu Ann Williams - Innova Market Insights Lu Ann Williams Head of Research
Innova Market Insights

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