Industry Experts Perspectives on Plant Proteins

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AIDP is a leader in functional ingredients, with a focus on extensively researched products that meet consumer demand for wellness and healthy aging. AIDP’s unique protein portfolio includes Advantein™, a proprietary blend of rice and pea proteins providing a complete amino acid profile; RisaPro™ and Gabiotein, sprouted brown rice proteins, in organic and conventional forms; and PeasiPro™ a pea protein in organic and conventional forms. AIDP also carries Hemprotein and Sachi Inchi proteins. All products are available in beverage Xtra smooth and bulk mesh sizes.


Alan Rillorta Alan Rillorta Director of Branded and Specialty Product Sales
AIDP, Inc.

Dr. Doug Kalman Dr. Doug Kalman Adjunct Professor in the Robert Stempel School of Public Health at Florida International University
Director in the Endocrinology Research Lab at Miami Research Associates

Dr. Jennifer Gu Dr. Jennifer Gu Vice President of Research and Development
AIDP, Inc.

Kathy Lund Kathy Lund Vice President of Business Development and Marketing
AIDP, Inc.

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