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JK Sweet, perfection in every grain

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JK Sweet, perfection in every grain

JK Sucralose Inc. is the world's second largest Sucralose manufacturer and the most dedicated with only one product--"JK Sweet" Sucralose. Establishing sales branches in US, Europe, Japan and India, "JK Sweet" now becomes a widely recognized brand among the world’s leading food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies.

Sucralose, the latest generation of sweetener, is 600 times sweeter than sucrose, with fabulous taste and reliable safety and great heat stability; odorless and zero calorie, has been proved safe for diabetes, which is considered as the most preferred sweetener widely used by various companies for improving recipes and developing new products.

With a designed long-term annual capacity of 12,000 tons, JK will enhance cooperation with our customers to pursue “Sweet Solution for A Healthy Life.”

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