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Maltidex™ Maltitol

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Maltidex™ Maltitol

A Polyol With Close-to-Sugar Sweetness That Tips the Scales
Sweetness used to be about Mom, apple pie and a candy bar for good behavior.

But... it was recently reported that a major manufacturer is increasing the capacity of its bathroom scales to 400 lbs.*1​ With approximately two-thirds of U.S. adults and 16% of American kids overweight*2​ - and a proliferation of people with diabetes, for whom blood sugar and weight control are critical - more consumers now want their sweet-tooth-pleasing foods with less sugar and fewer calories.

The USDA's Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 emphasize the importance of controlling weight and limiting sugar intake. While research has not directly linked sugar alone to obesity and related health risks, replacing it with fewer calories per gram can help Americans meet important dietary goals.

Maltidex™ maltitol is part of Cargill's polyol family of sugar-free bulk sweeteners. It can have up to 90% of the sweetness of sucrose (sugar) - but brings as little as 2.1 calories per gram to the table versus sugar's 4.0. Because Maltidex™ maltitol can replace sugar one-to-one in a variety of foods, reformulation is easy - and can help you create a "sugar-free" label.

Introducing Maltidex™ HP liquid maltitol
At more than 98% pure, Cargill's Maltidex™ HP maltitol has the highest purity level of all liquid maltitol products on the market. In some cases, it can replace crystalline maltitol-particularly in coated chewing gums-where it adds convenience, cost and labor savings and less bag waste. Maltidex™ HP maltitol and Cargill erythritol are two unique additions to the Cargill polyol line-already the most diverse in the world.

Attributes of Maltidex™ maltitol

  • High sweetening power-up to 90% of sugar
  • 2.1 Kcal/g vs. sugar's 4.0 Kcal/g (crystalline form)
  • One-to-one replacement of sugar
  • Excellent crunch for coated chewing gum
  • Lower glycemic index compared with sugar
  • Texture, viscosity, crystallization control
  • Does not promote tooth decay*3

Typical Applications
CONFECTIONERY​ - Long equated with fun and reward, candy, chewing gum and other sugary sweets don't have to be withheld from those reducing sugar intake. Maltidex™ maltitol delivers crystallization control to hard candies, and sugar-free sweetness and non-cariogenicity*3​ to gummy bears, caramels, hard candies and chewing gum - big benefits for treats that remain in the mouth for a prolonged time.
Maltidex™ maltitol functions similarly to sugar in your process - providing superb workability, functionality and sweetness, without trading off any of the flavor and texture of traditional candy and gum.

BAKERY​ - Soft cookies, cakes, pastries, jams, jellies and finger-lickable frostings all benefit from the clean, sweet taste, humectancy and sugar reduction of Maltidex™ maltitol.

A non-reactive ingredient, it will not interfere with delicate flavors - or even color, since it doesn't brown or caramelize like sugars. Its sugar-like taste enables you to use it as the sole sweetener in a bakery formulation.

ICE CREAM​ - In ice cream, sorbet, yogurt and other frozen dairy desserts, Maltidex™ maltitol can be used as a one-to-one replacement for sugar without changing the manufacturing process. It functions like sucrose in terms of solubility and freeze-point depression, making it ideal for no-sugar-added, reduced-calorie treats, including desserts with a low glycemic index for the increasing number of children and adults with diabetes.

NUTRITION BARS​ - For commuters, school kids, joggers and snackers, nutritional bars are a popular convenience. Maltidex™ maltitol, as a sugar substitute, works in synergy with protein-providing ingredients and can be used in coatings and as a bar core binder - without sacrificing any sweetness, texture, mouthfeel or nutritive qualities.

PHARMA​ - Maltitol is useful as an excipient in creating sugar-free lozenges and syrups - particularly helpful in controlling tooth decay.*3


*1​ Newsweek International, March 28, 2005
*2​ National Center for Health Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services/Centers for Disease Control
*3​ The FDA authorizes the health claim "does not promote tooth decay" for maltitol in sugar-free foods that do not lower plaque pH below 5.7.