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New! RAPID'Listeria spp. AOAC-RI validated

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New! RAPID'Listeria spp. AOAC-RI validated

Bio-Rad's RAPID'Listeria spp. Agar Granted Performance Tested Method Status by the AOAC Research Institute RAPID'Listeria spp. agar, manufactured by Bio-Rad Laboratories, was granted Performance Tested Method Status by the AOAC Research Institute (certificate # 080701). RAPID'Listeria spp. was evaluated for isolation and identification of Listeria spp. from stainless steel, ceramic, plastic and sealed concrete environmental surfaces. It is a rapid method producing accurate and easy-to-read results. All species of Listeria produce blue colonies on RAPID'Listeria spp. RAPID'Listeria spp. is a selective chromogenic plating medium for the isolation and presumptive identification of all species of Listeria. The cultural properties of the medium are based on a balance of carefully selected growth-promoting nutrients, enzymatic enhancers and a mixture of selective agents. The presumptive chromogenic identification system relies on a chromogenic substrate that provides the detection of ß-D-glucosidase activity, an enzyme common to all species of Listeria. Hydrolysis of the substrate leads to the formation of a colored precipitate, with all the presumptive Listeria positive colonies turning blue. Combined with this principle, RAPID;Listeria spp. uses an original selective mixture which inhibits most background flora. The few non-Listeria bacteria that do grow on the agar will produce colorless colonies. Key benefits: Economical solution Validated high specificity and sensitivity Easy-to-read chromogenic reaction All Listeria species are blue colonies The RAPID'Listeria spp. method is also AFNOR-ISO 16140 validated for the detection of Listeria spp. in environmental and food samples under BRD 07/12 - 12/06. RAPID'Listeria spp. is available in two formats, ready-to-use plates (pack of 20, code # 356-3950) and dehydrated media with two supplements (500g base, code # 56-4744, supplement 1, ten vials, code # 356-4745, supplement 2, ten vials, code # 356-4746).

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