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Patented MeadowPure™ Omega 3 Ultra

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Patented MeadowPure™ Omega 3 Ultra

MeadowPure™ O3 Ultra is a unique ingredient which delivers a consistently fresh, highly nutritious, naturally stable flaxseed with all the benefits of ALA Omega 3 plus EPA and DHA Omega 3 from fish oil. Pizzey's patented MeadowPure™ seed selection process guarantees stability for up to two years on Pizzey's MeadowPure flaxseed products. These products uniquely combined with fish oil offer excellent shelf life when stored at ambient temperature. No special handling or storage is needed. Pizzey's MeadowPure™ O3 Ultra is available in numerous grind sizes suitable for various applications including bakery, beverage, pasta and cereal, and supplements.

Incorporation of this product at levels less than 2 grams per serving allow for Nutrient Content Claims and Structure Function Claims for ALA and a Qualified Heart Health Claim for EPA and DHA Omega 3. Examples of such claims include;

"ALA Omega 3 Supports Cardiovascular Health" or "Excellent Source of ALA Omega 3"

By delivering Omega 3's from ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) MeadowPure™O3 Ultra, answers the market demand for a stable flaxseed and fish oil combination with absolutely no detectable odor nor taste and a one year shelf life.

MeadowPure™O3, is a nutraceutical ingredient that delivers consistently fresh, highly nutritious flaxseed with all the Omega 3 benefits and MeadowPure™ O3 Ultra (which provides the essential fatty acid found in flaxseed along with those found in fish oil). Based on research and science, MeadowPure™ , incorporated into food formulations, allows manufacturers to make health claims that resonate with today’s health conscious consumers.

The Source:​ Two major sources of Omega 3's are found in flaxseed and fish oil. Flax is regarded as a functional food or nutraceutical because it contains three powerful health components: the Omega 3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA); lignans, a major class of estrogen-like compounds, and soluble fiber. Coldwater fish oils provide another source of Omega 3 acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

The Science:​ Flaxseed ALA exhibited major health benefits for the reduction of cardiovascular disease and non-fatal myocardial infarctions in studies including the Lyon Diet Heart Study, The Nurse Health Study and the Health Professional Follow-Up Study which saw a 40% reduction in the risk of non-fatal coronary heart disease associated with a 1% increase in ALA intake.

The lignans found in flaxseed, which are 75 to 800 times higher than other plant sources, have antioxidant properties shown to reduce the growth of hormone sensitive cancers such as breast and prostate, and has been shown to lower onsets of both type I and type II diabetes, while the insoluble dietary fiber content plays an important role in colon health. Additionally, the soluble dietary fiber of flaxseed has been found to play a role in lowering serum cholesterol levels and reducing postprandial glucose.

The association between EPA and DHA found in fish oil and the reduction of cardiovascular disease is supported by one randomized clinical trial, 25 prospective studies and seven case control studies. Research also supports the importance of DHA in pregnancy and in infant nutrition for optimal visual and cognitive development. DHA is also associated with reducing the risk of Alzheimer disease and macular degeneration, and may improve mental function and reduce aggression in patients with dementia. A current review of the most significant science can be found in the Omega 3 Flaxseed and Fish Oil Scientific Research Monograph from MeadowPure™ at

The Health Benefits:​ Health benefits of Omega 3's are numerous and are being researched for a wide range of human health conditions and disorders including cardiovascular health, inflammation, diabetes, renal disease, immune system support, anti-cancer, bone health, prostate health, menopausal health as well as infant nutrition and Alzheimer disease. Research in 2005-06 has suggested that neck pain patients and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have demonstrated benefits from the incorporation of EPA and DHA into their diets.

The Food & Drug Administration currently approves nutrient content claims for flaxseed and products containing flaxseed and allows structure function claims for heart health. Qualified health claims can also be made for EPA and DHA found in fish oil in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

Pizzey's Nutritionals (previously Pizzey's Milling) was founded in 1991 upon the principle that a growing market opportunity for flaxseed ingredients, driven by mounting nutritional and medical evidence of its benefits should be anchored upon a foundation of good business practices and sound science. What began as a family farming operation transformed itself into a bakery before evolving into North America's largest, most experienced specialty-flaxseed ingredient supplier. Pizzey's flaxeed products are developed through scientific research which aims to determine the optimum processing technologies to ensure highly nutritious and stable ingredients. Pizzey's Nutritionals was recently acquired by Glanbia, plc.

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