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Quality control of milk with the TQC milk analyzer

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Quality control of milk with the TQC milk analyzer

The TQC-ZEISS milk analyzer satisfy due to its ultra-simple and intuitive operation, delivering precise results that are reproducible at all times. The short analysis time (under 15 seconds) and the absence of laborious cleaning offer enormous savings of time. These features allow the appliance to be used with optimal effect for in-process quality control.

The TQC milk analyzer is based on a Carl Zeiss diode array spectrometer of the CORONA family and the TURNSTEP turntable. The system is supplied with a lap-top PC on which all the necessary software programs are already installed. Ordinary commercial Petri dishes are used for holding the samples. As well as measuring liquids such as milk, a variety of applications involving different test dishes also allow pastes, solids and powder products to be analyzed without the need to modify the system.

The milk analyzer is therefore ideal for use on incoming materials as well as for in-process and final controls.

The measuring principle is based a non-destructive and contactless illumination of the sample under examination (in liquid, paste or powder form) by simple halogen light. In the spectral range from 950 to 1670 nm the spectrums are calculated using calibrations that have been archived and are displayed as an analytical result. The results are automatically saved and can be assessed using a data-base which is accessible on-line (TQC Data). Commercial crystallization beakers with lips are used in the measurement process (diameter 80 mm, height 45 mm).

Samples of approximately 100 ml are poured into the beaker which is then placed on the turntable and the analysis launched on the PC. The turntable now rotates automatically for about 12 seconds, during which time about 400 individual measurements are taken and their average displayed.

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