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GELITA​ will introduce its latest ingredient innovation at the upcoming IFT show in July - GELITA Instant Gel Schoko. Instant Gel Schoko reduces fat by as much as 25% in compound chocolates and chocolate coatings without affecting the sensory and physical characteristics of the chocolate.

In taste tests conducted comparing regular chocolate with chocolate containing Instant Gel Schoko, participants were unable to tell the difference in taste or texture. The most important breakthrough, however, is its effect on the healthy benefit of chocolate. The addition of Instant Gel Schoko increases the protein content by 75% while reducing total fat by 25%, saturated fat by 28%, cholesterol by 15% and calories by 8%.


This innovative solution offers numerous benefits to food manufacturers including the opportunity to develop reduced-fat chocolate products. Instant Gel Schoko is a natural, safe product (GRAS status) and is not susceptible to seasonal conditions. The neutral odor and flavor of Instant Gel Schoko allow it to add value without affecting taste and physical and sensorial properties, such as crystallization, texture, melting, and hardness.

In addition to Instant Gel Schoko, GELITA also offers quality gelatines and gelatine hydrolysates & collagens that are used in a variety of applications in the food, confectionery and animal nutrition industries. Wherever gelling and binding agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers, film formers, and foaming and creaming agents are required, these virtually invisible, neutral tasting, and healthy products are used. Whether it is to enhance taste, convenience or health, innovation is a key priority at GELITA. As a progressive market leader and competent partner, GELITA markets gelatine products worldwide and also provides high-quality technical and applications support to our customers. As a result, we are able to provide our business partners with innovative product development solutions. In other words, GELITA is much more than just an ingredient supplier.

For additional information on GELITA Gelatine or Instant Gel Schoko, visit GELITA's booth (#2758) at the upcoming IFT Exhibit in Chicago or visit our website at, e-mail us at or call 1-888-4GELITA (1-888-443-5482).

GELITA North America​ began operations at GELITA USA Inc. Sioux City, Iowa in 1966, GELITA USA Inc. Chicago in 1978 and at GELITA Mexico in Toluca Mexico in 1968. The company also services the Canadian market. Collectively GELITA North America employs 475 people. GELITA North America provides gelatine products to a host of industrial concerns and applications, including photographic, edible, and pharmaceutical industries. Regional headquarters are located at 2445 Port Neal Road in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa. GELITA North America besides GELITA Europe, GELITA South America and GELITA Asia Pacific Africa is part of the GELITA AG, the world market leader in gelatine.

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