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ROHA announces launch of a new clean label blue color ‘FUTURALS Stratus Blue’, on their 50th Anniversary

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ROHA announces launch of a new clean label blue color ‘FUTURALS Stratus Blue’, on their 50th Anniversary

This blue sourced from nature brings to your food plate various shades of blue!

This August as ROHA turns 50, ROHA celebrates their legacy of relentless hard work and constant encouragement. As they step into the next decade of many more promising alliances, they would like to thank all for inspiring them at every step. They extend their heartfelt gratitude to all their customers, partners, vendors and well-wishers. ROHA is going to continue innovating for you, with you.

Source of FUTURALS Stratus Blue

FUTURALS Stratus Blue is derived from the extract of the Huito fruit, which is a tropical fruit from the Genipa Americana tree grown in Peru. Its clear juice turns blue when exposed to oxygen. Unsurprisingly, it is known for its coloring properties and used as a pigment for centuries.

FUTURALS Stratus Blue is the perfect clean label blue color solution

Very rarely does one find a color solution that ticks all the boxes. FUTURALS Stratus Blue is one such product. It is a clean label yet supremely stable. It exhibits excellent resistance to heat, light, and acidity. It can be stored at ambient temperatures and is free of odors.

Single source, multiple applications

Owning up to its incredible physical and chemical properties, FUTURALS Stratus Blue finds wide appeal across the categories of the food and beverage industry. Be it a bakery, dairy, confectionery, beverages, or even pet food, FUTURALS Stratus Blue performs reliably in all these applications. 

Go beyond blues with FUTURALS Stratus Blue

Stratus Blue is versatile not just in its broad range of applicability but also in shades. It can be blended with many other natural pigments to produce clean label and natural browns, greens, purples and blacks. This makes it an asset for many food and beverage manufacturers. Impressed yet?    

Stratus Blue is made by ROHA - a company with a 50-year legacy

ROHA is at the forefront of the global color, additives and dehydrated food business. With a presence in 22 countries across 6 continents and cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing capabilities, ROHA is the partner of choice for companies big and small. Famous for its customer-centricity and adherence to quality standards, ROHA is an ideal color partner for anyone. Read more about ROHA at, and/or request samples by writing to pbagnpg@ebuntebhc.pbz

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