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Rebaudioside A will bring more sweetness to your life

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Rebaudioside A will bring more sweetness to your life

Rebaudioside A is one of the components extracted from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni., which has a good taste and 300 times sweeter than sucrose. It is a high-sweetness, calories-free, non-toxic natural sweet source, with stable properties in physical and chemical, and cannot used by microbe fermentation. It also do not induce a glycemic response when ingested, making it attractive as natural sweetener to diabetics and others on carbohydrate-controlled diets.

Scientific research works also indicate that consequently consumption of Rebaudioside A will have adjuvant therapeutic effects for hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. In December 2008, the GRAS notification for Rebaudioside A had successfully demonstrated safety by FDA, setting off a new upsurge of the application for Rebaudioside A.

Chengdu Wagott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a company with 10 years’ experience on GMP management. The company has advanced manufacturing equipments, reasonable production process, perfect quality assurance and quality control system. We take the pharmaceutical GMP management experience to the manufacturing of Rebaudioside A to ensure the good quality of this product. We control every part of the stevia planting process, from cultivating high-quality stevia seedlings, field planting to harvesting the raw materials, all of the planting process were carried out in China and traceable.

We also have a high-quality R&D team, which carry out wide-ranging cooperation with the final customers from the product developing stage; including set up the product specification conform to the JECFA standards, adjusted the product taste and established a product manufacturing process with independent intellectual property right.

Currently we have the annual manufacture capacity of 200 tons for the Rebaudioside A product, and an advanced factory is to build by the end of this year, which has the annual product capacity of 500 tons. “The sweet life is derived from natural” and our product will bring more sweetness to your life.

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