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Sensient Colors Inc. is proud to offer a full line of industry leading color technologies. No matter the application or brand-positioning claim that our customers are looking for, we have the solutions to meet the need - in natural or synthetic color choices. Historically we have been among the first to introduce revolutionary new color concepts such as high tint strength lakes in the 1970's, natural color micro-emulsions in the 1980's, low dust dyes in the 1990's, and digital imaging on food in the 2000's. Natural Colors With 60 years of global experience with natural colorants, Sensient has developed a full range competency in natural colors to match and complement its synthetic color strength. Natural colors have unique processing and application tendencies that our experienced applications chemists and food technologists have mastered. Our natural product line includes cochineal extract and carmine, turmeric, paprika oleoresin, annatto extracts, anthocyanins (from grapes, black carrots, red cabbage, purple sweet potato, elderberry and hibiscus), carotenoids, high strength beet juice, caramel products and titanium dioxide based systems. We also offer customized natural and natural/synthetic blends to fit your exact coloring needs. Synthetic Colors Sensient is the undisputed worldwide leader in synthetic colors. Whether your product is confection, baking, beverage, snack food, dairy, processed foods or pet foods, Sensient Colors can offer a palette of synthetic color solutions and forms to meet your needs. We offer a multitude of straight and blended dyes and lakes, in powder, plating, granular, extruded, dedusted, dispersed, liquid or custom-packed forms. Dispersions Year in and year out, Sensient's lake dispersion technology leads the industry. Dispersions are used primarily in confectionery, baking and dairy applications. Our proprietary SpectraCoat® dispersions ensure a stable and ready-to-use coloring method and are available in a variety of carriers (oil, glycerin, propylene glycol, sugar, etc.) Our patented AQueous SpectraCoat® dispersions provide sugar-free, high concentration coloring into systems that contain moisture. Our SpectraMelt™ technology for hard candy applications provides a convenient and clean dry color dosing system without the use of liquid dispersions. SensiJet™ Food Digital Imaging Differentiate your products with decorative images, text, seasonal themes, and other visual enhancements. Sensient has combined our background with food colors with our expertise in ink jet imaging technology to create a novel new approach. With SensiJet Food Digital Imaging, you are able to print variable images (each item can get a different image) onto a variety of foodstuffs at high production line speeds. A full range of colors is available with our FDA-approved and Kosher-certified line of SensiJet inks. Your Color Partner Having access to a complete and innovative product offering is just the start. Knowing which colorant to choose and how to best apply it are the keys to the success of your new food product introduction. Our seasoned account mangers, friendly customer service representatives, and expert Color Service Lab food technologists are ready to help you meet your goals. Please give us a call today at 800-325-8110 to get started. Or send us an email at

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