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Survey Report: State of the International Food Quality Industry 2016

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Survey Report: State of the International Food Quality Industry 2016

In October 2016, FoodQualityNews conducted its inaugural ‘state of the industry’ survey. The key objective of the poll was to gauge views about the current state of the food safety industry, its online trends and the issues that are causing most concern.

FoodQualityNews collated over 890 survey responses from food quality and safety industry professionals who form an integral part of the brand’s global readership.

A few key findings:

  • A clear majority of survey respondents ranked regulation, HACCP and foodborne outbreaks as the top three content areas that they were interested in. On the contrary, nanomaterials were ranked as the least interesting topic among our respondents
  • With over 30% of votes, our respondents strongly agreed that the ‘Food Safety Modernization Act’ impacted their businesses the most in 2015. In addition to this, respondents (29.2%) also expressed concerns over strong industry competition. 
  • A clear majority (57%) agreed that recruiting the right people with appropriate skills has been an area of concern for their businesses
  • The importance of food safety culture continues to be widely recognised within the global food quality sector, with 83% of respondents agreeing that this culture is prevalent throughout their businesses

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