The Importance of Ingredient Selection for Healthier Snacking

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Cambridge Commodities
The functional food and drink industry has been booming recently due to growing consumer awareness of nutritious food and the aspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle.Join Research and Development Nutritionist, Emma Cattell (ANutr) as she discusses the importance of ingredient selection across a variety of snacking sectors such as sports nutrition, beauty and health & wellbeing. In addition to this Emma will discuss sugar replacers as the ‘War on Sugar’ has left a huge space for snacks to grow*.In this webinar you’ll learn about:Sugar replacers ideal for a variety of sectorsClean-label ingredients that are popular among consumersPlant-based protein and how veganism has grown by 350% over 10 yearsFunctional ingredients for snacksHealthier ready-to-bake mixes*Euromonitor


Emma Cattell Emma Cattell Research and Development Nutritionist
Cambridge Commodities

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