Preservatives and acidulants


Whole Foods' labels are misleading, deceptive, unfair and fraudulent, alleges lawsuit

Whole Foods targeted in new lawsuit over 'all-natural' claims

By Elaine Watson

Whole Foods Market has been targeted in another class action lawsuit alleging that products it labels as ‘all-natural’ are misbranded because they contain “artificial ingredients and flavorings, artificial coloring and chemical preservatives”. 

Kemin rosemary plants

Rosemary extract sees ‘substantial growth’ in shelf extension

By Maggie Hennessy

As manufacturers and consumers alike continue to call for clean-label preservatives, natural options like rosemary extract are gaining traction in the market as a safe, effective alternative to synthetic shelf life extenders like BHA, BHT and the antioxidant...

Vinegar beverage shows blood sugar management potential

Vinegar beverage shows blood sugar management potential


Vinegar (acetic acid) should be ‘purposefully’ integrated into more food matrices, say the researchers behind a new study which reports the potential blood sugar management potential of a vinegar beverage.

The researchers conclude that salt intake is regulated by the brain within a narrow range

Study: Normal salt intake does not vary with food supply


Industry efforts to reduce the amount of salt in foods are unlikely to work to reduce salt consumption to levels backed by public health advocates, according to new research that suggests salt intake is regulated by the body’s needs rather than by the...

Kalsec's line of natural antioxidants is based on rosemary extract.

Special edition: All-natural: How clean is your label?

Natural preservatives pack efficacy, marketing punch

By Hank Schultz

The term ‘natural’ has been used to mean so many things that it means less all the time, except as a starting point for class action lawsuits.  But tell consumers you’re getting rid of artificial preservatives and you’ve telling them something meaningful,...

The traditional bland American diet cried out for salt, but that seems to be changing.

Sodium reduction - The road ahead

Is sodium reduction really necessary?

By Hank Schultz

The stealthy approach to sodium reduction in foods—cutting levels bit by bit so that consumers don’t notice—has evolved to the point that some observers question whether it is necessary at all. Understandably, those in the business of selling sodium reduction...

How suitable is current salt reduction policy?

Is population-wide salt reduction necessary?


Despite decades of research and debate, there are still questions about the suitability of population-wide salt reduction. Can some people safely consume more salt than others?

Natural antifungals from sourdough fermentation have food potential

Natural antifungals from sourdough have food potential: Researchers

By Nathan Gray

Powerful antifungal compounds produced from linoleic acid found in bread flour are the key reason for sourdough bread’s mould resistant properties, and have potential to be used in a host of food and agricultural applications, say researchers.

Kalsec draws a bead on fish oil oxidation

Kalsec draws a bead on fish oil oxidation

By Hank Schultz

Dealing with oxidation-prone fish oil emulsions in sensitive dairy applications will be a little less problematic with a new system solution from Kalsec.