Judge: 'The determination of whether evaporated cane juice is the common or usual name of the ingredient is best left to the FDA'

Judge dismisses evaporated juice lawsuit: Let the FDA decide

By Elaine WATSON

Another class action lawsuit taking issue with the food industry’s use of the phrase ‘evaporated cane juice’ (which plaintiffs argue is just plain old sugar and should be described as such) has been impacted by the FDA's decision to look again at...

Left to right: Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown, and VP corporate development Brent Taylor

Big interview: Ethan Brown and Brent Taylor, co-founders, Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat founders: 'We’re a meat company that makes products from plants'

By Elaine WATSON

“We’re a meat company that make products from plants”, say the entrepreneurs behind Beyond Meat, which makes "near-perfect replicas of meat" from plants. And they’re thinking big. After all, why settle for a slice of the $600m US meat-alternatives...

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