Picture Credit: Flickr/Sheffield Tiger

Red Bull won’t give runners wings, small-scale study suggests


Red Bull energy shots failed to improve the time in which experienced runners completed a 5km run versus a placebo, according to a new, but small-scale US/Australian study claiming to be the first to examine the efficacy of shots rather than energy drinks...

Kurt Seagrist & Byron Madkins, Chr. Hansen, talk natural colors

60-second interview: Kurt Seagrist and Byron Madkins, Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen: The gap between synthetic and natural colors is closing all the time

Not so long ago the gap between the performance - and price - of natural vs synthetic colors was huge, but more efficient supply chains, advances in extraction technology and more sophisticated microencapsulation techniques have closed the gap considerably...

Picture Copyright: Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

Business has a 'huge runway' ahead of it: CEO John Cochran

Tennessee’s first legal moonshine brand claims 'explosive’ US growth


The new CEO of Tennessee’s first legal ‘moonshine’ brand Ole Smoky says the category is riding high on brown spirits growth and the millennial desire to try new things that are a ‘bit naughty’.

Carefully crafted beer tastes are all the rage...(Picture Copyright: K Graham/Flickr)

Flavor hops inspire world beer revolution: Barth-Haas group


The world's largest hops company, Barth-Haas group, tells why so-called 'flavor' hops are ushering in a revolution in beer flavors, starting with the craft beer phenomenon in the US but now spreading across Europe and...

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