German coffee company Tchibo is building the science and IP for 'healthy' coffee

Could coffee protect DNA from damage?

By Stephen Daniells

Regular consumption of coffee may reduce DNA damage and reduce energy intake and body fat, according to two new studies from Europe.

'These results strongly suggest that [non-nutritive sweetened] beverages can be part of an effective weight loss strategy and individuals who desire to consume them should not be discouraged from doing so' - Peters et al.

Study supports diet soda’s potential for weight management

By Stephen Daniells

Consuming diet sodas along with a weight loss program may lead to shedding more pounds than when water alone is consumed along with the weight loss program, says a new study from the University of Colorado and sponsored by the American Beverage Association.

Bottled water: the next big zero cal beverage?

Bottled water: the next big zero cal beverage?

By Maggie Hennessy

Buoyed by a growing number of Americans abandoning carbonated soft drinks for bottled water and a spate of innovation in the category, the bottled water market as a whole is projected to increase from $13.1 billion in retail sales to $17 billion in 2018—with...

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