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Who buys organic and where is evolving

Organic & Non-GMO Trends

Who buys organic and where they buy it is evolving

By Elizabeth Crawford

The face of the organic shopper is changing slowly to reflect more accurately the American population thanks in part to increased distribution, according to a new study by the Organic Trade Association. 

Snack Out Loud’s pinto bean snacks: the next nut?

Snack Out Loud’s pinto bean snacks: the next nut?

By Maggie Hennessy

As many of today’s busy consumers are getting upwards of half their daily calories from snacks, they’re demanding more than ever from the category. So newcomer Snack Out Loud saw an opportunity to leverage the power of the yet untapped roasted pinto bean...

Hemp is the new superfood for vitamins and omega-3

Not just for hippies: Hemp's rising superfood status

By RJ Whitehead

Bursting with nutrients and boasting an impressive growth rate, the future of hemp seed is bright– but what’s the best way for manufacturers to cash in on a product that is connected – mistakenly but understandably – with an illegal drug?

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