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Reb-D has a “better sugar character and more desirable taste” than Reb-A in many beverage applications, but is difficult to use because of its low solubility in water at room temperature, says PepsiCo. Picture: Cargill

Stevia innovation: PepsiCo tackles Reb-D solubility challenge

By Elaine WATSON

A patent application filed by PepsiCo describes methods of enhancing the solubility of steviol glycoside Reb-D such that it can be used in higher amounts in beverages and beverage concentrates, overcoming a key formulation challenge.

Special edition: Amino acids and protein

Axiom: Rice protein market growth ‘happening now’

By Maggie Hennessy

Mounting interest in the benefits of rice protein from the technical and sports nutrition communities alike has turned to increased sales of Axiom Foods’ brown rice protein powder. 

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