New owners need to move quickly or risk being 'out of sight, out of mind' says Hudak


Hostess sales tot up $860m

By Kacey Culliney

Hostess Brands has closed all asset sales and pulled in $860m; a figure a little less than the worth of the company but expected given the speed of the sell-offs, an analyst says.

Will the Zombie Food Bar succeed where others have failed?

60 second interview: Dr Michael Wald, Director of Nutritional Services, Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, NY

‘Tastes better than brains…’ But will the Zombie Food Bar succeed where others have failed?

By Elaine WATSON

TV’s ‘blood detective’ and zombie fan Dr Michael B. Wald has combined his interest in nutrition and er, zombies, to develop the Zombie Food Bar. But does it have what it takes to stand out in an increasingly crowded market? Elaine Watson caught up with...

What flavor is red? That may depend on where you're from...

Packaging affects potato chip taste: Study

By Jane Joseph

A new study, which reveals how potato chip packaging affects taste, will help brand owners tailor their products to consumer preference, says author Professor Charles Spence.

Take Twinkies into dollar stores, says analyst

How will new owners stage a Twinkies revival?

By Kacey Culliney

Apollo and Metropoulos will have to work hard to drive forward Hostess’ snack cake brands in a saturated market but dollar stores could hold promise, an analyst says.

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