The 2015 Product of the Year winners include several ready to eat foods. Source: Product of the Year

Product of the Year seal helps new products increase distribution, sales

By Elizabeth Crawford

While the upfront cost of third-party credentialing from Product of the Year is sizable for many small firms, winning the right to display its iconic red logo for two years can open distribution doors and increase sales in the long-run for new products,...

Zweifel has developed a two-step air-drying process for its veggie chips that locks in color, flavor and taste

Air-dried veg chips ‘most innovative’ snack at ISM

By Kacey Culliney

Zweifel Pomy-Chips’ potato chips mixed with air-dried beetroot slices were voted the ‘most innovative’ snack at ISM and the company hopes to drive exports dramatically with the product.

New Haven State representative Juan Candelaria proposes Connecticut candy & soda tax

Candy tax proposed in Connecticut

By Oliver Nieburg

A levy on high-calorie confectionery and soft drinks is being considered in Connecticut as a means to tackle childhood obesity.

Post plans to revitalize PowerBar

Post plans to revitalize PowerBar

By Elizabeth Crawford

Post Holdings hopes to return the long-neglected and aging PowerBar brand back to its former glory by revitalizing its marketing, branding and product innovation in 2015, according to company executives. 

Yogurt industry must move beyond Greek to continue growing

Yogurt industry must move beyond Greek to continue growing

By Elizabeth Crawford

As U.S. sales growth of yogurt slows, marketers need to shift their focus to potential category drivers beyond protein-dense Greek yogurt, such as new consumer segments and packaging innovation, according to market analysis from Packaged Facts. 

KRAVE Jerky founder Jon Sebastiani is speaking at our March 18 snacking trends forum

What's on the FoodNavigator-USA editorial calendar in 2015/16?

By Elaine Watson

From the GMO labeling debate and food litigation trends to new strategies to revitalize the Greek yogurt category, FoodNavigator-USA’s 2015/16 editorial calendar of special editions (once a month), online forums/events (once every two months) and face-to-face...

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