Choco Treasure claims to be only toy-filled chocolate egg safe for sale in US

Toy-filled chocolate egg approved for sale in US

By Oliver Nieburg

New Jersey-based Candy Treasure has overcome a US ban on toy-filled chocolate eggs dating back to 1938 after its Choco Treasure surprise eggs were deemed safe for sale.

Hain Celestial: ‘Chia is red hot… Coconut's been on fire’

Hain Celestial: ‘Chia is red hot… Coconut's been on fire’

By Elaine WATSON

Hain Celestial has unveiled a raft of new products utilizing hot ingredients from chia and quinoa to coconut pulp and almonds, including organic gluten-free chia seed corn tortilla chips under the Garden of Eatin' brand, and coconut almond butter...

Amway bases new weight management plans on in-home genetic test

Amway bases new weight management plans on in-home genetic test

By Hank Schultz

Network selling giant Amway has launched an integrated weight management program based on genetic testing.  The program uses a simple test kit to help consumers determine which of several weight loss regimens will work best for them.

RSPO said it would welcome discussion with investors to transform palm oil supply

RSPO welcomes deforestation consideration in palm oil investments

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has welcomed the decision of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund to pull investment from certain palm oil companies – but has disagreed with its divestment from firms that are on the path to RSPO certification.

Kantha Shelke PhD, principal of Corvus Blue LLC.

Protein, fiber and flavor key to producing satiety, expert says

By Hank Schultz

The obesity dilemma is complex and offers multiple avenues of attack.  Portion control experts boil it down to this: It’s a question of how much, not what we eat.  But many experts say how food is formulated can play a role in limiting intake.

Take Twinkies into dollar stores, says analyst

How will new owners stage a Twinkies revival?

By Kacey Culliney

Apollo and Metropoulos will have to work hard to drive forward Hostess’ snack cake brands in a saturated market but dollar stores could hold promise, an analyst says.

Desert Lab's 'Snack Less' 10-piece hoodia gum packs in three flavors (cinnamon, mint and strawberry) and retail at $2.99 each (typical gum retails at around $1.75).

Desert Labs launches hoodia weight management gum

Hoodia gum maker defends satiety effect

By Oliver Nieburg

The maker of a newly launched appetite suppressant gum claims to be the first to have self-affirmed GRAS status for hoodia in the US and hopes to overcome the negative image of the plant as a weight management ingredient.

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