Tetley USA describes British Blend as one of its top-selling teas

Federal judge dismisses Tetley USA tea fraud claims


Tata Global Beverages subsidiary Tetley USA has succeeded in its effort to dismiss a lawsuit alleging it misleads consumers with ‘antioxidant, nutrient content and health claims’ for tea products.

Cronut success spurs flurry of trademark claims

Cronut trademark scramble

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Hot new trend? Not so new, says an Ohio baker who claims to have been making doughnut-croissant hybrids since 1991.

The number one entree ordered by college students is cheeze pizza

Do college students eat like the rest of us? GrubHub finds out

By Elaine WATSON

Do college students eat like the rest of us? Broadly yes (washed down by a lot more energy drinks), but there are some notable differences, according to online ordering expert GrubHub, which says students are significantly less likely to place ‘healthier’...

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