Tio Gazpacho: Thinking outside the bowl...

This merges soup and beverages; we’re creating a new category...

Tio Gazpacho cold soup-in-a-bottle CEO: I wanted to stand out, not to fit in

By Elaine Watson

While some retailers didn’t know quite what to make of his ‘chilled soup in a bottle’ when he first started pitching the concept last year, around 75% “just got it immediately”, says Tio Gazpacho founder Austin Allan. “And then they would say: How come...

5 street foods influencing restaurants, CPG products

By Elizabeth Crawford

Authentic street foods with international roots that were traditionally eaten outside as make shift meals by laborers are coming inside and appealing to a wider variety of people as more consumers favor fast food over home cooking, according to Packaged...

ALO Drink expands into c-stores after dominating the natural channel

Healthy Beverage Innovation

ALO Drink expands into c-stores after dominating the natural channel

By Elizabeth Crawford

The maker of ALO, a top-selling beverage brand in the natural channel, is hoping to break into the convenience-store channel and expand its reach to more mainstream shoppers with the launch of a pulp-free version of its aloe vera drinks.

Private label products such as Simple Truth accounted for 26% of dollar sales at Kroger in the latest quarter (excluding  fuel and pharmacy)

Two-year time frame 'would almost certainly drive an increase in food prices'

Switching to new Nutrition Facts label in two years is not feasible, says Kroger

By Elaine Watson

The two-year time frame in which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expects the food industry to switch to new-look Nutrition Facts labels is unrealistic, and “would almost certainly drive an increase in prices of food products”, claims Kroger.

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