Restaurants will balance local and global in 2015

Restaurants will balance local and global in 2015

By Elizabeth Crawford

Restaurants in 2015 will act locally when it comes to sourcing ingredients, but think globally when incorporating flavors into new dishes, the National Restaurant Association’s annual What’s Hot culinary forecast reveals.

The majority of American consumers (62%) buy their meat at supermarkets

Retail analysis: USA

By Craig Howie, in Washington DC

Price may still be king in shaping American consumer demand for meat products, but its influence is waning as buyers seek more information on sourcing and preparation, according to key industry surveys and multiple retail insiders.

Brazilian beef is making waves abroad

Brazil looks to achieve US$7bn in beef export revenues

By Georgi Gyton

The Association of Brazilian Beef Export Industries (ABIEC) has said it hopes to achieve a record US$7bn in revenues by the end of 2014, in a fitting celebration of the country’s 100th year in the beef export business.

President Obama delivers a statement on his plan to ease the US embargo against Cuba.

Opportunities for US agriculture, greater food security for Cubans

US food industry welcomes President Obama’s plan to normalize US-Cuba relations

By Heidi Parsons

President Obama has announced he is updating US policies on Cuba, including reestablishing diplomatic relations and promoting travel and trade opportunities between the two countries. Both Cargill and the USA Rice Federation immediately issued statements...

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