Rescue plan for Canada's pig sector

Rescue plan for Canada's pig sector

By Leah Germain, in Edmonton

The Canadian government and the country’s meat industry have announced a joint action plan to enable hard-pressed pig farmers survive a perfect storm of low prices, high feed costs and trade problems, including the strong Canadian dollar.

Foot-and-mouth disease: Brazil relaxes vaccination programme

Brazil gives foot-and-mouth disease reassurance

By Carina Perkins

Brazilian agriculture officials have assured that the relaxation of foot-and-mouth disease vaccinations in the country’s north-eastern states will not prevent the region from becoming recognised as FMD-free next year.

Hurricane Sandy takes toll on US meat firms

Meat firms hit as US hurricane takes its toll

By Arabella Mileham

American financial analysts have warned that meat producers and processors are losing business as the impact of Hurricane Sandy, one of the worst storms to batter America, continues to cripple the eastern seaboard.  

Hershey reports a 10% fall in net income

Hershey Q3 profit falls 10%

By Oliver Nieburg

The Hershey Company has reported a profit drop in its third quarter (Q3) results after tax rate rises, commodity costs and charges related to supply chain efficiencies hit the company’s results.

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