Almendra—The Stevia People

Almendra Stevia Sweeteners

Almendra is focused on stevia and natural sweetness solutions for global F&B industry. We are based in Singapore with manufacturing facility in Thailand and applications and R&D in the United States. Our people have more than 15 years of experience with stevia and other food ingredients.

Stevia is not all the same and ours is excellent! Almendra's Steviose™ sweeteners are gently refined from the plant extract. We use no GMOs, harsh chemicals or filtration processes that could cause the naturalness of the product to be in question. With purity of 99.5%+ you get the cleanest-in-class taste profiles and consistency. Steviose™ complies with the US FDA GRAS as well as JECFA quality standards for high purity stevia.

Steviarome™ is Almendra's new clean label taste modulator range that can be used in your food or beverage either within your natural flavor system or alone depending upon the regulatory requirements and sugar displacement targets. Steviarome™ complies with the US FEMA GRAS quality standards for flavors.

Tasting is believing! Our sales offices are in the US for the Americas, in Spain for EMEA, and in Thailand for Asia. For more product information or a demonstration arrangement contact our stevia people using the form provided.

Please also contact us if you face a stevia supply issue or have an IP concern. Almendra stevia people have solutions to a broad range of supply challenges.