Angel Yeast: A Rising Star



The world’s yeast industry is witnessing a newly emerging force rising in China, and that is Angel Yeast Co., Ltd​.

Angel Yeast is changing the global yeast industry by exporting nearly 1/3 of its yeast products to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide, and the export sales continues to grow by 40% annually.

Angel Yeast is located nearby the world famous “Three Gorges Dam” project site, where it enjoys plentiful utility resources, convenient access to water, air and land transportation and a climate suitable for culturing and growing yeast.

Having engaged in yeast production for 22 years, Angel Yeast has expanded its business by providing services in the areas such as bakery, seasoning, alcohol production, healthy products and animal nutrition. In China, Angel Yeast has become a household name.

In bakery, Angel’s yeast products have secured increasing market share by continually providing high quality products and services.

In seasoning, Angel yeast extract has been serving many multinational corporations for more than 10 years.

Angel also takes the lead in producing alcohol as the new source of energy – almost all fuel ethanol manufacturers in China use the unique super distilling technique developed by Angel.

Angel started the production of animal nutrition products since 2002 and the development of yeast-sourced feeding products made the company the most noticeable emerging force.

What worth mentioning, among others, is the company’s commitment to becoming the “world-class yeast nutrition advisor” by continually developing and providing yeast-based products such as nutritional yeast, zinc-enriched yeast, selenium-enriched yeast, chromium-enriched yeast, yeast beta glucan, yeast vitamin B complex, and soybean isoflavone, which is expected to form the second largest business of the company.

The rapid expansion of business has led to the fast growth of Angel Yeast. The company has built totally 8 yeast production lines respectively in Yichang where Angel is headquartered and some other raw material bases including provinces such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Guangxi and Henan, with the production volume accounting for 50% of the total in China and the production capacity increasing by 42 times over the factory was first set up.

The contributing factors to the rapid growth of Angel Yeast come from its mature R&D system and market service system, its consistent product quality, high quality human resources and efficient environmental protection system.

Angel’s R&D center consists of a CNAS-approved laboratory, a post doctoral workstation and a molecular biological lab. Angel has also engaged more than 30 internationally renowned yeast experts including Mr. Han Van Knotsenburg, Mr. Tilak Nagodawithana and Mr. C.Y.HO as its technical advisors.

Most of Angel’s products contain original technologies that are developed independently. The R&D staff are enjoying themselves in making innovations and creating values during process of product development.

According to Yu Xuefeng, the President of Angel, “product development shall be deemed as of the same importance as applicable technology research.” So in Angel’s R&D centre, 50% of the people are engaged in basic technical and product research, 50% are doing the applicable technology research; while in sales and marketing department, 50% are involved in business related activities and another 50% are focusing on technical promotion and service.

Angel Yeast has passed a wide range of quality and safety certifications including ISO9001, HACCP, GMP (food), GMP (drug) that has ensured the company to provide high quality raw materials to both domestic and international clients.

Angel’s engineers collect and supply high grade yeast strains for yeast production. Angel Company purchases the purely natural and uncontaminated source of sugar from different parts of the world, which after being removed of impurities, pasteurized and separated will make sure the yeast strain can absorb as much nutrition as it needs for reproduction and growth.

Angel’s production lines are controlled by the advanced DCS system; they have set up the modern European process control system and equipments as well as the CIP cleaning system, so the lines can be operated with the fully integrated automation to make sure our products to maintain their high quality and safety.

The entire process of yeast production will be done in an enclosed environment which prevents the product intermediates from being contaminated and enables the full online control on the technical parameters and indications to ensure a stable quality standard.

Special attention is made to the control and detection of foreign matters during production, with multi processes and metal detectors being set up for effective control of metal objects.

It is Angel’s belief that environmental friendliness forms a part of the competitive strength of a yeast manufacturer. The sustainable development will become impossible without the environment being well protected. So for better protecting the environment the Company has built an independent industrial waste water processing center.

Angel’s President Yu Xuefeng thinks “Nonstop seeking for perfection” is the core of Angle corporate culture. Under its direction, it has built an effective operating mechanism “focusing on market”. Angel’s strategic goal of becoming an “internationalized and specialized Yeast Company” is being turned into reality from merely an ideal.