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Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) connects the harvest to the home and transforms crops into products that serve our customers’ vital needs for food and energy. Today, we are one of the leading agricultural processors in the world, and we supply many of the largest food companies with the high performance ingredients they demand for their products.

At ADM, we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest-quality commodity goods available. Our global workforce of 29,000 employees and more than 240 processing plants worldwide convert corn, oilseeds, cocoa, wheat and other crops into food, fuel and industrial materials that are used by consumers and businesses around the world every day. In addition, our customers benefit from ADM’s unrivaled logistical network. Our premier crop origination and transportation network connects crops and markets in more than 60 countries. This logistical infrastructure allows us to serve thousands of customers efficiently and profitably.

ADM does more than supply quality ingredients; we are also an industry leader in product innovation. Our dedicated team of food scientists and food technicians continually work to create new and innovative products. Food companies come to us when they need to develop a new product or to reformulate an existing product because they know we have the expertise to find the solution.

ADM’s work is inextricably tied to its social responsibility, so we work to ensure our capital investments, social investments and investments in people to help fulfill the company’s purpose of serving our customers’ vital needs.

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