Bioseutica Plc


BIOSEUTICA plc is dedicated to the development and marketing of health care products derived from natural sources aimed at improving the health and well-being of people and animals globally.
 BIOSEUTICA’s name derives from the Greek word “BIOS” (Life) as it utilizes of compounds obtained from natural products such as eggs, fish and plants. All such compounds have applications in the ethical pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries, as well as in the agricultural, veterinary and animal feed industries.
 BIOSEUTICA’s senior management team has served for over four decades in a number of multinational companies, issuing over 100 international patents and developing and commercializing numerous pharmaceutical products, including several Lysozyme based products and the only Omega-3 prescription drug currently on the market.
 BIOSEUTICA currently has 3 divisions: The Natural Protein Division, The Omegas (PUFA) Division, and The PhytoActive Division.
 BIOSEUTICA’s commercial activities are performed through BIOSEUTICA’s wholly own subsidiaries: Fordras S.A., located in Lugano, Switzerland, Neova Technologies, Inc., located in Abbotsford, Canada, and Bioseutica USA, located in Rhinebeck, N.Y.
 BIOSEUTICA’s R&D centers are located in Taverne (Switzerland), Abbotsford (Canada), and Bexbach (Germany).
 BIOSEUTICA’s manufacturing activities take place in production and refining plants located in Holland (cGMP), Germany (cGMP), Denmark, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada (cGMP), Switzerland (cGMP) and the United States.
 BIOSEUTICA is the world’s leader in the production of egg-white derived proteins such as Lysozyme and Avidin. It is also one of the largest suppliers of Trypsin.
 BIOSEUTICA is a leader in the manufacturing and selling of highly purified Omega-3 fatty acids.
 BIOSEUTICA holds 30 patents families of which 135 patents have been granted and 57 are pending across a broad range of applications for its products.