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Emport, LLC operates with a simple mission: More safe food, more happy people.

Accordingly, we are proud to distribute a growing assortment of quality control methods for commercial kitchens within the United States and Canada. For more information on our current products, please have a look around this site.

Emport LLC | More Safe Food, More Happy PeopleWe specialize in food testing kits that combine user-friendly design with scientist-friendly standards. Our product lines include:

The GlutenTox line of gluten test kits, starting with GlutenTox Home, perfect for families or individuals with celiac disease to test a few foods or beverages for traces of gluten. Both GlutenTox Home and GlutenTox Pro, our best-selling professional gluten test kit, can detect as little as 5ppm gluten in less than 20 minutes. While GlutenTox Pro has the additional feature of easy surface testing for gluten, both kits are designed to identify gluten just as accurately as GlutenTox Sticks, our kit for quality control professionals with access to lab equipment.

Our AlerTox line of test kits is designed to compliment GlutenTox in a professional manufacturing setting. Currently the AlerTox line consists of rapid allergen detection kits for testing foods and environmental surfaces for the following allergens: casein, egg, soy, fish, crustacean, peanut, hazelnut, and almond. Like all the test kits we carry, AlerTox is designed to be highly accurate and highly easy to use, even for people with no science background and no lab equipment.

Emport LLC also offers kits for checking the quality of water and oil. The OleoTest kit is used by restaurants all over the world to determine whether the oil in their deep-fryer needs to be changed. In just a few minutes – and for just a few dollars – you can monitor the degradation of your fryer oil by monitoring total polar compounds. And the new 5-in-1 Water Quality Test Kit can monitor the top five water concerns for food manufacturers in just a few minutes, with a simple dip strip.

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