FMC BioPolymer Division

FMC BioPolymer

FMC BioPolymer is a leader in harnessing nature’s renewable resources to produce a range of ingredients and technical solutions for the food, beverage and health & nutrition industries.  FMC BioPolymer offers optimum value for ingredients that provide critical functionality in texture, structure, and stability when developing processed foods and beverages.  Our portfolio of products include Avicel® cellulose gel,   Avicel-Plus® stabilizer, FMC carrageenan, GelStar® stabilizer, and Protanal® alginate.  For decades the consistent performance and high quality ingredients supplied by FMC BioPolymer have been providing a wide range of functionality, including uniform suspension, freeze-thaw stability, bake stability, emulsion stability, controlled flow properties, moisture control, and excellent texture and taste profiles. We now offer a new line of BioColor natural colors. Our color experts will assist you in creating a custom color from naturally-sourced materials. 


Our team of food scientists and researchers throughout the world work to understand your requirements and then provide you with technical assistance and product recommendations to best meet your needs.  Built on more than 65 years of experience, FMC BioPolymer delivers consistent performance, reliable functionality and technical competence.


Contact your local FMC BioPolymer representative to discuss your current product development projects and put FMC’s know-how to work for you.