Naturally…Making Healthy Taste Great®​ is the core of FlavorHealth's mission to create natural flavor solutions that help food and beverage manufacturers deliver healthier products without compromising the taste experience. Through innovation, technology and consumer insights, we take ingredients found in nature to create sweet enhancement, sodium reduction and bitter balancing solutions. Our natural flavors allow for a significant reduction in sugar and salt of up to 50% and our bitter balancing systems mitigate the off taste of high potency sweeteners and healthy ingredients such as proteins, minerals and vitamins.

The FlavorHealth advantage is the discovery of natural flavors that provide significant reduction in sugar, linger, salt and bitterness without compromising taste. We do this by utilizing our Chromovert®​ Technology to identify natural compounds which are the foundation of our natural flavor solutions. Compounds of interest are selected, screened and tested, allowing for a robust discovery process aimed at achieving both efficacy and great taste.

As consumers demand for nutritious and flavorful choices increases, the world of foods and beverages must respond. FlavorHealth is here to help manufactures create on trend, great tasting products consumers prefer.

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